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Quilt Collection
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Perfume Bottle Collection
Schooner Thomas H. Lawrence Painting
Hudsonian Curlew
1940s suits
Hollywood comes to Centerville

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Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

On exhibit are thirty-two Ukiyo-e prints by twelve 19th Century Japanese artists.

The Pace of Change

Examines the fashion that change radically in a very short time between 1910 to 1925.

Memory Collectors

19th Century Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

19th Century Bling Fashion 

late 19th century women’s capes and capelets

Hats Fashion

This exhibit features two hundred years of hat types and styles.

Hollywood Comes To Centerville

Hollywood comes to Centerville tells the story of Herbert and Natalie Kalmus (inventors of Technicolor) who summered in Centerville.

18th & 19th Century Small Armaments

This exhibit examines the technological changes of small armaments between 1780 and 1875.

Paisley Fashion

This exhibit features Mid-19th to early 20th century paisley garments 

Colonial America

This exhibit focuses on the colonial kitchen and the many tasks that were performed there on a daily basis which were necessary to the well-being of the entire household..

Battles; Spies; Cooties The Great War

We examines the major battles, the development of espionage, and the changes in the technology of warfare of World War One.

Shipwrecks! mystery - murder - misery
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